We recently had our first Virtual Test Challenge Meet and I’m very proud how the Accounting team began the year:

Team (Kari Whitehead, Callie Conyers, Camryn Armes)
4th Place Overall (1A-6A)
1st Place 2A Team 

Kari Whitehead:
4th Place Individual Overall (1A-6A)
1st Place Individual 2A
1st Place Individual 12th Grade 

Callie Conyers:
9th Place Overall (1A-6A)
2nd Place Individual 2A
1st Place Individual 10th Grade 

Camryn Armes:
4th Place Individual 2A
3rd Place Individual 10th  Grade 

Kimber Whitehead:
1st Place Individual 9th Grade

We just completed our first Virtual Challenge Meet, and the Literary Criticism team is off to a great start!

 Team (Faith Olsen, Gilon Kraft, Madison Nicholson)

4th Place 2A Team

 Faith Olsen:

3rd Place Individual Overall (1A-6A)

1st Place Individual 2A

2nd Place Individual 12th Grade

 Gilon Kraft:

25th Place Individual 2A

 Madison Nicholson:

39th Place Individual 2A

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If you were unable to attend Open House at the high school Monday night, please find the presentation attached.  If you would like to set up a conference to go over anything, please call 806-733-2477 or email Mrs. Conyers at kimberly.conyers@gruverisd.net

Gruver High School Open House.pdf 

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