HS Title I Survey

Gruver High School Parent Survey 2017

Gruver High School Parent Survey 2017
1. I feel welcome when I visit my child's school.

2. Policies and procedures are clear and are communicated well to parents.

3. Education is the responsibility of the parents, the school, and the community.

4. Communication between home and school is timely and in a format/language I can understand.

5. The school wants me to be involved.

6. I have been encouraged to participate in activities such as Title I parent meetings or other school activities.

7. Parents are viewed as important partners in the educational process.

8. I am actively involved with and support my child's educational achievement in school and at home.

9. The teachers keep me informed of how my child is doing.

10. When I ask for information, the staff responds promptly.

11. When I receive information from the school which requires an answer, I respond promptly.

12. We have a computer and internet access at home.

13. My school has high expectations for students.

14. I would communicate with my child's teacher through e-mail.

15. I found the school/parent/teacher compact beneficial for me and my child.

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