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GHS Favorites 2019


Mr. & Miss GHS:  Jaedon Seagler & Cristal Alvarez

Runner-Up:  Creed Spivey & Sindy Gaspar and Esme Lora


Most Athletic:  Creed Spivey & Cristal Alvarez

Runner-Up:  Connor Haynes & Esme Lora


Most Likely to Succeed:  Keegan Kelp & Cristal Alvarez

Runner-Up:  Lane Seagler & Desiree Castorena


Friendliest:  Hermy Acosta & Kadi Morrow

Runner-Up:  Lane Seagler & Cristal Alvarez


Most Handsome and Most Beautiful:  Creed Spivey & Cristal Alvarez

Runner-Up:  Connor Haynes & Esme Lora


Senior Class Favorites:  Jaedon Seagler & Cristal Alvarez

Junior Class Favorites:  Creed Callaway and Jalin Conyers & Marlie Kelp

Sophomore Class Favorites: Keegan Callaway & Ivee Chitty and Bailey Glass

Freshmen Class Favorites:  Gus Gifford & Bailey Maupin

Amarillo Women’s Network has established a scholarship fund to support the educational goals of deserving individuals who seek to improve their career potential.  The $750 AWN scholarships are awarded annually for the following school year (fall and spring semesters) to recipients who have demonstrated leadership ability and initiative in their past educational and work efforts and who are pursuing a degree which will enable them to reach their professional goals.  Financial need is not the primary consideration.

Deadline for submission of applications with attachments shall be April 1 each year and must be in the hands of the committee chair by 5:00 p.m. that day.

Visit the AWN website at https://www.amarillowomensnetwork.org/services/ for the guidelines and application. If you have questions, contact Glena McPeters at glena.mcpeters@gmail.com.

Gruver ISD Campuses
​Main Office
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Gruver Elementary School

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Fax: (806) 733-5412
Gruver Junior High
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Fax: (806) 733-5523
Gruver High School
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Recent News



WT Academic Invitational Meet Results

     These students traveled to West Texas High School on Saturday, to compete in an academic UIL practice meet. Approximately 400 students from various panhandle schools participated in this meet. Congratulations to these GHS students for their success at the meet.

1st place Team –Gruver High School

Keegan Kelp                      1st Place overall, 3rd Place Biology, 3rd Place Chemistry, 1st Place Physics

Nick Johnson                     2nd Place overall, 2nd Place Biology, 2nd Place Chemistry,3rd  Place Physics

Lane Seagler                      3rd Place overall, 1st Place Biology, 3rd Place Chemistry, 8th Place Physics

Gavin Bardwell                 6th Place overall, 4th Place Biology, 8th Place Chemistry, 2nd Place Physics 

John Robinson                  8th Place overall, 7th Place Chemistry, 6th Place Physics

Matthew Felderhoff        Placed in the top half of the 48 competitors on his first UIL Science Test!

Kari Whitehead                4th  place Accounting

  • UIL Practice Meet in Canadian, February 9th